Congratulations to all our runners in the 2017 Virgin Money Giving London Marathon!

What an amazing day for all our runners at the 2017 Virgin Money Giving London Marathon. We had 5 heroes pounding the streets for 26.2 miles (or more if the Garmins are accurate) and raising money for Georgia’s Teenage Cancer Appeal. Angus Robinson, Paul Hardy, George Nation, Philippa Danino and John Hicks all completed the marathon in one piece and in fantastic times.

Together they have raised in excess of £27,000! Thank you to everyone that supported and encouraged them with donations to their fundraising pages and also during training and on the day itself on the route.

The GTCA cheer point was beside Waterloo Bridge on the Embankment, just before the 40km marker. It was a perfect spot to cheer on our runners as they headed into their last mile. 

Angus was our first runner we spotted (We had missed John Hicks as he was too fast, finishing in 3hr 34min 57 sec). Angus was looking strong and happy to see the cheer squad. His mum, dad and brother had all joined us and were delighted to see him so close to the finish. They managed to track him down at their meeting point after he finished in 3hrs 46min 58 sec. 

Angus’s dad Nick Robinson had bid for GTCA’s first charity ballot place at our fundraising ball in November last year. His £8,000 donation for the place on the night plus Angus’s fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving means his total raised is an incredible £16,135.

From a distance Paul “Chopper” Hardy’s gleaming smile was spotted through the crowd and we were all able to high five him and cheer him on into his final mile. 

Paul completed the London Marathon in 4hrs 16min 38 sec and says he loved every minute of it. Not only did Paul donate £4,000 to CLIC Sargent for the place he also raised £6568.75 in his Virgin Money Giving page thanks to generous support from friends and family, many of whom joined him at The Dickens Inn at St Katherine’s Dock for celebratory drinks.

It was all eyes on the runners (and the marathon app) to spot George Nation. We’d had word that he’d been spotted coming out of Blackfriars Underpass so knew he wouldn’t be long. Once again our perfect spot gave us a great view and the GTCA flag helped George and our other runners see where we were so could run by us for high fives.

George completed the London Marathon in a solid 4hrs 39min 42sec and was met by proud friends and family afterwords for celebration beers. Congratulations to George and thank you for raising £2477.25 on your Virgin Money Giving page

Philippa Danino

We had unfortunately managed to miss Phillippa as she ran past us on the Embankment but she finished in a brilliant 4hrs and 7min.  

“I probably made the mistake of going off too quickly so the last 5 miles it was a struggle to keep running but I was determined not to walk! I really enjoyed the day, the atmosphere is truly amazing”

Thank you to all our runners and their supporters for a fantastic marathon day experience. There is nothing quite like the buzz of marathon day and we hope that lots of people will feel inspired to sign up to run in 2018.

London Marathon 2018

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