On 10th April, Lawrence Gaston, Peter Jones and Sarb Singh (The Blazer Boys) joined the 2009 “In Da-Kar” Sponsored Rally Race to raise money for Georgia’s Teenage Cancer Appeal. As one of three teams representing The Old Brentwoods; the others being the “Knight Riders” Simon White, James Couch & Rob Cooper and team “Naked Baboon” Ian Bridges, Dan Elliot, Tim Davies and Peter Clark; they raced other teams from across the country to raise as much money as possible for Georgia’s appeal through sponsorship.

Under the rules of the race, they bought a car (a 1988 VW Golf MKII) for less than £100, and without maps or GPS, raced from Dunstable to the Nürburgring, completing 3 laps of the track before heading for home! The rules were simple – get there and back as quick as you can without your car falling apart! All three teams successfully set off from Dunstable, unfortunately the Naked Baboons’ car blew up on the A1(M) Both the Blazer Boys and the Knight Riders completed the rally.  Even though the Baboons did not get very far they still raised a considerably amount of money with Kelway (IT reseller) doubling their efforts! In total the teams raised in excess of £11,000 fro GTCA!